Grow Morel Mushrooms (M. Rufobrunnea) 3 Pound Grow Kit with FREE SHIPPING


My Blushing Morel (species: morchella rufobrunnea) mushroom grow kit is a living mushroom kit weighing 3 pounds, that arrives growing.

* My kits are easy, they arrive already growing, you just plant it according to the instructions when ready.

* Full growing instructions are included

* This is a living mushroom production block that grows to maturity under your care.

I'm happy to chat with you about how to get your mushroom garden growing. I've been doing this for a long time, and I can help you get your grow on. I produce mushrooms from these same kits in my own mushroom farm for sale locally at the farmer's market. Just message me with your question!

Time Required:

* Your 3 lb morel mushroom grow kit will require an average of 30-45 days to fully colonize and be ready for planting.

* Morel mushroom beds may be started outdoors anytime the ground is not frozen.

* Mushroom kits may be stored at room temperature until they are covered in white mycelium - after that point, to store them for up to 6 months, you may refrigerate your Blushing Morel mushroom kit.

There are multiple methods that can be used to plant your morel kit. The two most common are described below:

The Easy way: To create a morel mushroom bed, bury your mushroom block 3 inches below the surface of the soil after full colonization in the filter bag (be sure to remove bag first). You may optionally supplement the grow site with hardwood fuel pellets, fallen wood, or straw. Maintain ground moisture with periodic watering, without over-saturating with water.

The Advanced layered mushroom bed: My directions will walk you through building a 2x3x1 foot deep layered bed in your garden, using hardwood pellets, sand, and newspaper or cardboard. This type of layered bed construction is more work to build, and incorporates commercial cultivation methods similar to methods used on morel mushroom farms in China.

For more methods on how to plant your morel mushroom kit (including the super-easy slurry method) see my blog post "Mutiple Methods for Cultivating Morel"!

Morels cannot be grown indoors, they must be in contact with living soil. Area planted may contain leaf matter and decomposing wood mixed into soil, whether appearing naturally or supplemented. Plan to keep soil moist if possible (not wet) and do not allow to fully dry out. Blushing Morels may fruit the year after planting.

Mushrooms are low in calories, high in protein content, high in beta-glucan content, low in sodium, cholesterol-free, full of micronutrients, and are considered a superfood.

Mushrooms are fully compatible with the guidelines of the following dietary guidelines:

Low Carb diets
The Mushroom diet
Atkins diet
Eco-Atkins diet
Whole 30 diet
DASH diet
Volumetrics diet
Flexitarian diet
Mediterranean diet
The Asian diet
Alkaline diet, as a low-alkaline food
Keto diet
Paleo diet
Weight Watchers
Jenny Craig diet
Flat Belly diet
Engine 2 diet
Ornish diet
SlimFast diet
HMR diet
Mayo Clinic diet
Nutrisystem diet
The Biggest Loser diet
The 3-Day Military diet
Optavia diet
Nutritarian diet
South Beach diet
TLC diet
MIND diet
Spark Solution diet
The Zone diet
The Macrobiotic diet
Too many to list, really

Mushrooms are NOT compatible with the Raw Food Diet. I saw surprised to see just how many sites out there recommend eating mushrooms raw (don't do this). ALL mushrooms should be fully cooked prior to consuming - never eat raw mushrooms.


"What if I have questions about how to grow it?"

Then you're buying from the right seller. I'm happy to help my customers, and advice is part of what you get when you buy from me. Shoot me an Etsy message and let's talk mushrooms. :)

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