Mushroom cultures on MEA agar in a sealed petri dish - choose your desired species


Pure mushroom cultures on MEA agar. Made to order and shipped to you upon creation. Always free shipping.

These are not mushroom kits, but pure mushroom cultures grown on a petri dish with malt extract agar.

Species list currently includes

Commercial strains:
White Oyster
Blue Oyster
Golden Oyster
Pink Oyster
Shiitake 0557 cold weather
Lion's Mane

Black Morel - morchella importuna
Blushing Morel - morchella rufobrunnea
Yellow Morel - morchella americana
Wood Blewitt - lepista nuda
Nameko - nameko pholiota
Maitake (hen of the woods) - grifola frondosa
Laetiporous Suphureous (chicken of the woods)
Sparassis Crispa (cauliflower)
Lepiota Rhacoides parasol
Chlorociboria Aeruginosa (blue-staining fungus)
Turkey Tail - trametes versicolor
Winecaps (Garden Giants) - stropharia rugoso-annulata

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