Mushroom Liquid Cultures


Pure mushroom liquid cultures in a 12 ml syringe. Always free shipping to continental USA.

These are not mushroom kits, but pure mushroom cultures grown in a liquid culture and sold in a capped syringe with an 18 ga syringe tip.

Species list currently includes:

Black Morel - morchella importuna
Blushing Morel - morchella rufobrunnea
Yellow Morel - morchella americana
Wood Blewitt - lepista nuda
Nameko - nameko pholiota
Maitake (hen of the woods) - grifola frondosa
Laetiporous Suphureous (chicken of the woods)
Sparassis Crispa (cauliflower)
Lepiota Rhacoides (parasol)
Turkey Tail - trametes versicolor
Winecaps (Garden Giants) - stropharia rugoso-annulata

Reviews (2)


Got it 2 days early and can see the growth in it

So far so good! Quick delivery and the liquid culture looked stable. I am just waiting for my mycelium to grow! Here's to hoping things take off.

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